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These days our busy lifestyles dictate when we can train.

Your unique programme can take this into consideration, specifically creating a regime suited for the gym or at home. All supported by an online app that allows you to access your programme anywhere, anytime.

Ongoing Support

Ongoing Support

Tracking your progress is key to reaching your goals.

Using the app, I’ll review your progress and achievements allowing me to push you harder to reach your targets. At any stage of your journey I can help keep you on track with support & advice.

Goal Specific

Goal Specific

Everyone is different – when it comes to training, there’s no one-size-fits-all.

I’ll look at your current capabilities and future aims, then build a programme tailored to you. As a result, we’ll get better results and avoid plateau.

Cost Effective

Cost Effective

All the benefits of having a 1-2-1personal trainer, without the cost.

Without the costly time constraints of seeing a one to one trainer, you will still get the motivation, knowledge and amazing results.It’s quality training, at exceptional value for money.

  • Mike thinks very carefully about each of the exercises I perform and tailors them to my physical abilities
    Nick Walker
  • At 55 I have finally stopped dieting and changed my lifestyle with the support and encouragement that Michael has given to me
    Noreen Golding
  • I believe the regular sessions have helped to keep the more serious symptoms at bay as well as reducing my medication
    George Chambers
  • His sessions are challenging, tough and dare I say it, fun, and he continues to push me every time
    Natalie Pawley
  • I followed his expert approach to achieve success, whereby I lost a staggering 5 stone in 12 weeks!
    Russell Cosh
  • You have to be honest with yourself and listen to Mike’s advice as what he says makes sense
    Carol Ming

Online coaching app

Transforming the way you train!

Get the most out of your training and keep track of your progress with my online app.

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There are 3 packages
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Choose one to suit both your budget and your requirements

Each plan incorporates difference elements, but each and every one will get you closer to reaching your goals.




12 week training plan

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12 week nutrition plan

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12 week training & nutrition plan

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Training Package


12 Week - Training Plan

You will receive a personalised training programme tailored towards your goals. I will put a system in place that enables you to acheive consistant progress keeping you highly motivated throughout your journey.

Weights, tempos, reps and sets will all be monitored and manipulated to keep your body progressing. To avoid plateaus, I use training systems that build muscle to burn fat and tone the whole body.

For the cost of an average gym membership, you will get a one-to-one periodised programming of a personal trainer right to your phone - the advantage of my experience, incredible results, and knowledge that lasts a lifetime.

  • Periodised individual training programmes
  • Convienient online app for your workouts
  • Tracked progress and anaylsis
  • Injury provention and rehab advice
  • Squat analysis
  • Ongoing support
  • All the benefits of a coach right to your phone
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Nutrition Package


12 Week - Nutrition Plan

You will receive a nutritional plan that’s tailored to your weight, activity and goals, as well as any allegies, intolerances and dislikes.

You’ll get a plan designed around your body and goals, and a nutritional guide that talks through the physcological aspects of eating. You will come out the other side with a vast knowledge and strategy for maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

Using my online app provides fantastic tools and data so we can keep track of your progress, support and motivate you along the way.

Other weight loss programmes provide short term success but it’s not sustainable, educational or realistic, My nutrition package is about lasting change - the motivation, guidance and support you need to live a healthier future.

  • Personalised nutrition plan
  • Macro and Calorie calculations for your goal
  • Convienient online app for your food diary
  • Detailed initial analysis
  • Helpful nutrional guide
  • Tracked progress and analysis
  • Ongoing support
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Combined Package


12 Week - Training & Nutrition Plan

Combine both packages and get the best possible results - fast.

Most diets do not take into consideration how you train, leading to poor performance in the gym and weight gain.

Not only can I coach you through your training, but together with your nutrition, I can assess your data to improve your perfomance, reduce fat and increase your metabolism.

I’ve seen the power of combining training and nutrition. That’s why my combined package is available at a specially discounted rate - so you can see the impact on the right guidance and coaching for yourself.

  • Achieve the ultimate results
  • Great value for money
  • Nutrition tailored to your training plan
  • Ongoing support
  • Tracked progress and analysis
  • Faster results
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Online Coaching


Looking for a bespoke exercise plan? Or a cost effective solution to your training needs?

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